Liv Aurora Jensen

// Lis Bitten Stender

Inuk Design started as a graphic department for inuk Media ApS, which was founded by Peter Jensen in the 1980s as the first private video production company in Greenland, Nuuk. He then started the training in Greenland in collaboration with Denmark, the AV assistant training and has since trained many young people who today are skilled TV and AV film people.

Peter Jensen has received many accolades for his film work and has filmed and documented Greenlandic life from North, West, East and South Greenland for a lifetime.

Inuk Media entered into a collaboration with graphic designer Liv Aurora Jensen, who came from KNR after 5 years and is the entrepreneur behind the successful marketing department in the form of billboard advertising and combi advertising, which can today be seen on KNR TV. Liv Aurora Jensen, who is behind the new thinking and entrepreneur of the advertising space in KNR-TV.

She came from the advertising agency Nissik Reklame, which was a division of the newspaper AG, which today is, where she worked as an advertising designer for a number of years.

From printed media to TV graphics to what we know today as Inuk Design, a brand that was developed in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008.

It became everyday household items and has now developed into fashion design and knitting.
Fashion and knitwear is the latest initiative in the now 20-year-old company, which has moved from graphic expression on print and media to home interior design.

Inuk Design has participated in a sea of exhibitions worldwide and in 2023 she received no less than 4 Awards in 2023: German Design Award 2023, Special Mention and Iconic Award 2023, Houzee Award, GOLD, Big See Award 2023, Kyoto Global Design Award 2023 and Greenland Culture prize 2023.

Photo: Dida Heilmann