Inuk Design: Innovating Greenlandic Culture Design

Inuk Design is a renowned brand that embodies innovative Greenlandic culture design, blending the past, present, and future into simple yet modern products for everyday use. The mastermind behind Inuk Design is Liv Aurora Jensen, a visionary designer who has garnered significant recognition by winning five international awards in 2023 for her exceptional products tailored for daily use.

Future Outlook for Inuk Design

As a forward-thinking brand, Inuk Design continues to push boundaries and explore new horizons in design. Liv Aurora Jensen’s vision for the future involves expanding the brand’s reach globally while staying true to its Greenlandic roots. The focus remains on creating sustainable and eco-friendly products that resonate with a diverse audience seeking quality and style in everyday essentials.

Liv Aurora Jensen: Award-Winning Designer

Liv Aurora Jensen’s remarkable talent and dedication to her craft have earned her five prestigious international awards in 2023. Her innovative approach to design, coupled with a deep appreciation for Greenlandic culture, sets her apart as a trailblazer in the industry. Through Inuk Design, she has successfully captured the essence of Greenlandic heritage in contemporary creations that elevate everyday experiences.

Design & Cooperation


Various partners over time.


Concrete figures in Nuuk's new district, Qinngorput. And a dream to build hotels of the figure.

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