Cleints of inuk Design:

  • Hotel Arctic, funiture and interiore design
  • Hotel Qaqortoq, interiore design
  • Tasermiut, South Greenland Specialists, interiore design
  • The Government of Greenland, interiore design, Official gifts
  • Illuut A/S, figures 2m high concrete
  • Kommuneqarfik Sermersoq, interiore design
  • Arctic Umiaq Line, gifts
  • Air Iceland, Fleight & TaxFree, gifts
  • Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art Denmark, gifts
  • MIO, Greenland's Child Rights Institution, plate
  • Nord Atlantens Brygge, Copenhagen, gifts
  • Nord Atlantens Hus, Odense, gifts
  • Tranhuset, KĂžbenhavn, gifts

Clients of inuk Design, Haute couture:

Politicians and officials:

  • Former Premier of Greenland, Kupik Kleist and wife
  • Aleqa Hammond
  • Sara Olsvig
  • Mikaela Engell, High Commissioner of Greenland
  • The Childrens Home, Uummannaq


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